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Adults Group Spanish Course




8 Weeks

Sobre el curso

Spanish language classes for all levels, ranging from Beginner to Intermediate. If you are higher than Intermediate or are looking for an exam-preparation class we can open a class just for you.


Learn the basics and gain confidence in using the language. These classes will get you speaking in Spanish before you know it!


If you've got numbers and the alphabet down, but aren't quite at Intermediate level just yet, this is the perfect continuation class from Beginner level.


This class is great if you're already able to speak Spanish but want to expand your vocabulary, tidy up your grammar and improve your fluency and accuracy.

Our dynamic, engaging classes cover a range of skills from reading and writing, to speaking and listening. All our Spanish Language courses are carefully structured to suit your needs, using a number of resources such as the Nuevo Español en Marcha textbooks to get you talking inside (and outside!) the classroom.

We also offer private and closed-group classes where you can pick and choose the hours that suit you based around your school/work commitments. Get in touch using the contact button at the top of this page, emailing, or sending a WhatsApp message to +350 54076150 to create your own personalised learning schedule today!

To find out which level would suit you best, take our free online Spanish Level Test.

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